2015-2016: Director, Performer

‘Thunzi’ follows the journey of Lizwi and her mother as they travel to their new home in the city. An encounter with an unusual girl changes everything. Deemed as “fresh evocative storytelling by a cast of powerful young performers,” (Gerard Bester) this award winning production captures the meaning of escape and choice.

Welcome To The Zoo

2017: Performer

National Arts Festival 2017 Standard Bank Ovation Winner

Welcome To The Zoo examines the shocking reality of rape culture in South Africa. The play is inspired by the 2013 performance of 8 Characters In Search Of A Story.

MEQOQO Collective

2017: Performer, Production Manager, Co-Founder

A troupe that aims to precipitate important conversations using the lived experience of the audience, in conjunction with the playback theatre form, in order to inspire expression and reflection.


2018: Choreographer, Performer

Presented at the 2018 AFEMS conference

To bury someone means many things to many people. And
in various spaces, funerals are constructed and experienced differently. Flow these spaces are imagined is layered in memory, in trying to understand what it means to occupy liminal spaces like those that exist between life and death. We construct and perform: for ourselves and
for those around us: to heal, to remember, to understand, to transition into a new reality in which the people we have lost are no longer there.

Indubela/Umbhubhudlo is a reflection on, and construction of our memories of burials so we might heal, remember and understand better. Perhaps, also so we might question how the funeral space has been imagined before.


2021: Stage Manager

Market Theatre Laboratory

Descent is a glamorous, romantic, erotic, picturesque, visceral and grotesque fairytale about the search of an artist that has the opportunity to become the next It Boy – but at a price. The artist finds himself at an audition with a mysterious casting director who seduces him with the possibility of manifesting his dreams. However, he finds himself in a predicament when he comes to realize that the power he is interacting with is a sinister and dangerous figure with the malicious intent of guiding him through terror.

Descent is a tale that subverts ‘goodness’. It is about fear, failure, obsession, and the toll it takes to strive for absolute perfection.

Loss, The Silent Room

2022: Curator, Director, Performer